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The student experience at the International School of Dublin (ISD) cannot be simply summarised into one statement. There are so many factors which contribute to our students having distinctive, varied and eclectic experiences.

Families attending ISD continually remark on how much their “children love coming to school” and we pride ourselves on our ability to truly listen to our students, individualise their educational journey and provide opportunities that keep learning fun and engaging.

You don’t have to take our word for it, see what our students have to say:

"I love ISD because everyone is international, there is an interesting mix of people and everyone understands when we have to come and go."

Alexandra - age 9

"ISD is an excellent school that is always striving to better itself, even the teachers talk about how they are learners just like us. I’m proud to be one of its students."

Noah – age 12

"At ISD you have the chance to give your own opinion and learn to give reasons for your thoughts. You have a chance to help and participate in the school community."

Suzanne - age 11

Community Events

We run a series of Community Events throughout the School year which allow parents, teachers and students to meet and find out what's happening at the School.

For parents this is an excellent opportunity build their network in Dublin and to be involved with academic progess at the School.

A parent and teacher meeting

Parent Workshop

ISD parents have the opportunity to become more familiar with the IBPYP curriculum through interactive workshops provided by the ISD teaching team.

A final year student presenting at Exhibition Night

Exhibition Night

In final year of the Primary Years Programme students have the opportunity to lead their own final inquiry project and present this at The Exhibition.

A parent and teacher meeting

Holiday Celebrations

We celebrate a variety of holiday celebrations to help our students become more internationally minded.

Children during sports day

Sports Day

The annual sports day allows Students take part in activities to showcase athletic abilities, skills gained throughout the year and to have fun!

Children together creating the shape of the number 100

100th Day of School

The 100th day of the School year is celebrated by exploring math concepts that can be taught using the number 100.

Children at the annual Peace Proms in Dublin

Peace Proms

Peace Proms is an project for primary schools that gives students the opportunity to sing with a choir of 3,000 children and a full symphony orchestra.

Children together

End of Unit Sharing

Every 6 weeks the school community comes together to celebrate student learning through End of Unit Sharing.

Over the course of an afternoon, each class gives a 20-minute presentation to articulate their learning over the unit of inquiry. Parents become the students and students become the teachers as work is presented.

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Children on a field trip

Field Trips and Guest Speakers

We believe that our students greatly benefit from learning both inside and outside of the classroom. We encourage our students to make both local and global connections with their Units of Inquiry.

On a regular basis students participate in field trips. In addition, students often host guest speakers in a variety of expert areas.

See some previous events

Student Committes

Education for us is centred around learner voice, choice & ownership, we call this agency. By promoting agency, we aim for students to be active in their development, to take initiative, express interest, voice opinions and ultimately feel ownership in their learning, both in and outside of school.

One way of encouraging students to work collaboratively and exercise agency is through student committees.

The Student Council

Student Council

The Student Council is an opportunity to learn leadership skills and voice ideas to support the running and development of the school

The ISD Librarian Committee

Libraran Committee

The Librarian Committee keeps the school library a welcoming hub for learning. All of our students have ownership and responsibility for this learning space.

The Yearbook Committee

Yearbook Committee

Our yearbook is completely created by the students each year during “Yearbook Week”.

Global Connections

ISD is a proud member of the International Baccalaureate (IB) World Schools network. ISD students have the opportunity to connect and collaborate with other IB schools around the globe.

Grade 6 students have inspired others classes with their virtual Exhibition event. Grade 1,2 students have compared and contrasted learning communities with an IB school in the USA. Likewise, ISD staff have personal and professional relationships with IB colleagues.

These relationships arise from previous teaching experience, attending professional development workshops, and being part of professional learning communities. Curriculum development, evaluation process, differentiation, and assessments are some of the areas in which the school has engaged in meaningful discussions to promote best practice.

ISD alumni are making their mark around the world. After graduation, students move on to secondary schools in Ireland, in their home countries, or in new locations all over the globe. ISD alumni keep in close contact with ISD. Those who are abroad often pay us a visit when they come back to Dublin. And local students continue to collaborate with Exhibition as guest speakers.


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