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Admissions is open year-round to all students. Therefore the annual tuition fees are arranged throughout the academic year based on a student’s month of enrolment.

Students who leave mid academic year are required to provide three months notice in order to receive a refund which will be issued according to the number of days the student has attended the school.
Month of Enrolment Tuition Due
A €1,000 registration deposit is due to secure student placement at ISD.
August €9,850
September €9,850
October €9,850
November €9,850
December €9,850
January €6,175
February €5,175
March €4,175
April €3,175
May €2,175
June €1,175
Optional additional fees may be due based on circumstance and choice such as: school bus transport, after school programmes, additional English assistance. Please contact admin@internationalschooldublin.ie for further information.