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ISD is international and Irish

Options in Education

The International School of Dublin (ISD) comprises both local and international families. We believe that an international education is not solely for international families.

The International Baccalaureate

Culturally Diverse

We provide Spanish as a foreign language and we promote mother-tongue development. The school is culturally diverse with over 20 nationalities amongst students, staff and parents/guardians.

The International Baccalaureate

The International Baccalaureate

ISD offers the International Baccalaureate (IB), which is an inquiry based curriculum falling outside national and political agendas. It is based on a continuum which is innovative and relevant and focuses on the total growth of the developing learner.

It is regarded as the gold-standard measurement of academic and intellectual development both by universities and graduate employers.

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The International Baccalaureate

Internationally Minded

International-mindedness is at the heart of an IB and ISD education. This includes the understanding of one’s local, regional, national as well as international context and begins with understanding of the uniqueness of oneself, one’s home and one’s nationality and culture.

The diverse nature of our community allows the students to naturally and continually revisit what it is to be globally connected.

The International Baccalaureate

Global Citizenship

Any Irish citizen will develop in an ever increasingly interconnected world where their home location will be influenced by global forces; and there are proven benefits for children attending international schools, whether they are local citizens or expatriates.

Allowing students to interact and have experience with global awareness and understanding in a first person context from the very start of their education sets them apart from others; this plants the seed for future worldwide networking.

The International Baccalaureate

International Network

It provides valuable skills for later life such as building relationships with people from a variety of cultures and backgrounds, it also equips students with the confidence to travel and work in other countries opening opportunities and experiences throughout adulthood.

Students thus engage with both local and global issues as they have gained valuable personal connections, knowledge and understanding. They benefit from understanding the value of the interconnected nature of the world and work to make a difference in the lives of everyone.

The International Baccalaureate

Transition to Secondary School

The transition from primary to post-primary/secondary education represents a significant milestone. It is a period filled with change not only for the student but for the entire family.

By the time students reach their final year at ISD, we aim for the students to feel excited and prepared to move on in their educational journey. We find our students transition very successfully to a range of secondary school options.

Annually in early Autumn ISD hosts an informational meeting for all families to discuss the options for secondary school in Ireland. Focused on providing a whole picture, ISD staff joined by former students and their parents and principals of secondary school help discuss options and answer questions in a impartial manner.

By Grade 6, students are deeply familiar with school routines and environments. They have been presented with increasingly advanced concepts and workload demands; and they have been developing a wide skill set to be more autonomous in their learning. In their final term at ISD, students are responsible for engaging in an independent Exhibition, a “thesis” of sorts.

This endeavor is challenging and provides the students the space to apply all they have learned throughout primary school to a personal inquiry.

It is at this time that the students truly learn the value of strategies such as: goal setting, time and organisational management, study habits self assessment and reflection.

ISD is happy to provide assistance to families in the quest for suitable secondary school options. ISD has relationships with a variety of surrounding secondary schools offering different options (e.g. single sex, coeducational, national Irish curriculum, IB curriculum) and can explain these to families to help them identify which schools may be of interest to them. ISD can then guide and help facilitate communication between families, teachers and secondary schools.

The International Baccalaureate

ISD Community

ISD prides itself in having a strong, close-knit community composed of students, parents, staff, directors and alumni.

The community is culturally rich and spread across the globe. With an open door policy it is not unusual to have alumni popping in during a flying visit to Dublin or parents stopping in to the office for a morning chat.

At ISD we believe an excellent education requires a collaborative approach and thus formal and informal channels are provided for community members to create meaningful ties that span the student’s school years in ISD and beyond.

Parental involvement is welcomed in varying capacities and the school calendar features events which provide opportunities to link up whilst celebrating student accomplishments.


Hear local Irish parents and students describe their experience with ISD

“I have never been a fan of private education, being a firm believer is exposing my kids to the real world and developing them as responsible, caring individuals.

When we traveled as a family to Denmark and to India, we found that the IB system of education offered an incredible standard and suited the needs of our children perfectly.”

-- Fiona O’Brien - Irish - Mother of two students at ISD

“I highly recommend ISD because everyone is very nice. Everyone treats one another so well and most of the students are really HAPPY.

ISD represents and uses all of the IB Learner Profile attributes so well. At ISD you can meet people from all around the world. The teachers adapt the learning to your own skills and talents and always have time to help you. ISD is the best school ever (in my opinion)!”

-- Joshua Merry - Irish - Age 11

“I chose ISD initially because of class size and teacher ratio, and the broadminded international focus of the curriculum. However, we have stayed at ISD throughout my child’s entire primary education for all the benefits it continues to provide, like the feeling of a big family who come from all different places.

My child has developed inquiry skills, so she can continually learn about how her decisions and behaviour affect her group, her community and the world. There is a tremendous feeling of warmth in the ISD community that benefits both the local Irish families and the expatriate families.”

-- Hazel Cullen - Irish - Mother of one student at ISD


Getting Started at ISD Getting started at ISD

If you feel ISD is a right fit for your family, make an expression of interest to begin communication with our Admissions team.

If you feel ISD is a right fit for your family, make an expression of interest to begin communication with our Admissions team.

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