“ISD is good for Dublin and for Ireland.  Having a school that understands the educational needs of global children and families helps attract and retain international executive talent in Dublin.  It adds to the diversity of education options available to parents and provides a well rounded education in a nurturing environment.”

Vice President of Global Ad Operations Google – John Heslihy – Ireland


“I think Buddy teams is a wonderful class because we learn how to get along with the youngest children in the school.  It is also fun to get to feel like a teacher when we work with them.”

Former Student – Caleb – age 10


“Picking the right school initially was a difficult decision, especially when moving to a foreign country which Ireland was to us when we first moved to Dublin. Even though Dublin has a vast amount of citizens from all over the world, it always feels rather lonely to uproot your family. So our primary searches for schools were based on both a school that focused on communication and leadership in the students from an early age, strong academics, and last but not least, a school that was caring and kind and warm to ensure confidence, and a feeling of security for our daughter. We found this with ISD.

We chose it because they took a unique interest in our daughter even before she started. They made an effort to know her and are continuously motivating her to strive to be the best she can be.

In our opinion, being either foreign or native Irish, ISD has one of the most modern and effective methods of ensuring our children learn to be diverse and thinking individuals.

We strongly recommend ISD.”

Former Parent – Annika Mortensen – Denmark


“I love ISD because everyone is international that means everyone understands when we come and go.  It is neat to have friends from all around the world.”

Former Student – Alexandra – age 9


“Ireland is my daughter’s third country to live in. When she was 4 years old, she and I visited ISD for a tour.  She saw children’s artwork on the wall and asked the principal, “What is that?”, meaning, “What have the children drawn?” The principal replied, “What do you think they are?”.  The two of them had an in depth conversation about art and how viewers can see both what the artist created as well as bring their own vision to the piece. All of this on a level for a 4-year- old to understand! It was in that instant that I knew ISD was the right choice for my child. Now, two years later, my daughter has both an excellent academic base.  She thinks critically about what she sees, reads and hears. She is a confident academic.  The ability to think critically is a crucial skill for a global citizen, and it is a central tenet of the International Baccalaureate curriculum.”

Former Parent – Monica Pataki – U.S.A.

“ISD taught me how to learn for myself. The IB program is meant to give the urge to inquire to all of its students and this is done amazingly well at ISD. The school is full of caring teachers and has an extremely strong community surrounding it. It was a pleasure to attend ISD and I value my time there very highly.”

Former Student – Phin – age 12

“We chose ISD because we think it is the best option of schools in Dublin. We wanted its international curriculum and multicultural environment. We like the way kids learn and the great community the school has. The customized support that the ISD teachers provided to our son on arrival was key for his integration with other children from around the world. The atmosphere in school is brilliant; we are a big family.”

Former Parent – Marta Estacio – Spain