“ISD is good for Dublin and for Ireland.  Having a school that understands the educational needs of global children and families helps attract and retain international executive talent in Dublin.  It adds to the diversity of education options available to parents and provides a well rounded education in a nurturing environment.”

Vice President of Global Ad Operations Google – John Heslihy – Ireland


“I think Buddy teams is a wonderful class because we learn how to get along with the youngest children in the school.  It is also fun to get to feel like a teacher when we work with them.”

Former Student – Caleb – age 10


“Our daughter was 6 years old when we moved from Singapore to Dublin. She’d spent four years, the majority of her young life, living in Singapore. Moving to Dublin was highly disruptive to her friendships, routine, and lifestyle. She went from weekends at the pool and celebrating Chinese New Year to bundled up playdates in Herbert Park and St Patrick’s Day.

In Singapore she attended an international school where we had a great experience. Her teachers and classmates were from all over

the world representing 62 countries across 650 students. We loved the diversity of cultures, beliefs, and traditions this atmosphere represented. Moving to Dublin we were nervous that we wouldn’t be able to find another school that had this same diversity, in addition to an excellent education.

We knew we wanted her to continue on the IB curriculum as she flourished in that learning style and it was one part of our relocation which we could minimise disruption. The IB curriculum encourages participation and collaboration in a style that ensures children are part of the group while allowing them to progress at their own pace. ISD was one of the choices we had and after corresponding with the head of school we chose to enrol our daughter there. She’s now been an ISD student for 14 months and we couldn’t be happier. ISD welcomed our daughter, and us, with such ease. On her first day they invited us to stay for as long as it took her to get comfortable. They’d also put together a wonderful welcome for our daughter which allowed her to quickly make friends and learn about the school. In fact, the welcome was so well put together that she told us to go after 30 minutes. The two friends who gave her the school tour that day are still frequent playmates outside of school.

ISD is smaller than her school in Singapore but the core values are the same. Her classmates are very diverse and their uniqueness is celebrated. She routinely comes home telling us about a tradition one of her classmates shared with her that she would like us to try in our home. Her teachers have been excellent with endless creativity. She’s getting a wonderful education of academics and arts, as well as first-hand exposure to cultures from around the world.”

Parent – Tom Claassen – USA


“I love ISD because everyone is international that means everyone understands when we come and go.  It is neat to have friends from all around the world.”

Former Student – Alexandra – age 9


“Ireland is my daughter’s third country to live in. When she was 4 years old, she and I visited ISD for a tour.  She saw children’s artwork on the wall and asked the principal, “What is that?”, meaning, “What have the children drawn?” The principal replied, “What do you think they are?”.  The two of them had an in depth conversation about art and how viewers can see both what the artist created as well as bring their own vision to the piece. All of this on a level for a 4-year- old to understand! It was in that instant that I knew ISD was the right choice for my child. Now, two years later, my daughter has both an excellent academic base.  She thinks critically about what she sees, reads and hears. She is a confident academic.  The ability to think critically is a crucial skill for a global citizen, and it is a central tenet of the International Baccalaureate curriculum.”

Former Parent – Monica Pataki – U.S.A.

“ISD taught me how to learn for myself. The IB program is meant to give the urge to inquire to all of its students and this is done amazingly well at ISD. The school is full of caring teachers and has an extremely strong community surrounding it. It was a pleasure to attend ISD and I value my time there very highly.”

Former Student – Phin – age 12

“Nosotros llegamos de México a Dublin a mediados de año escolar.  Al principio me preocupaba el cambio, si bien mi hija estaba en un colegio bilingüe, el cambio era grande puesto que cubría todo su entorno, no solo el escolar.

Ella los primeros días se mantuvo un poco retraida, pero con la ayuda de su profesora (que en ese momento era Ms Cristen) y sus compañeros que todos han sido muy influyentes ( sin duda una característica de este colegio), ayudaron para que mi hija se sintiera mas en confianza así como su aproximación al idioma, dado que recibe instrucción en el idioma Ingles.

Ella actualmente se encuentra disfrutando de la escuela y de sus compañeros, ha aprendido y sigue desarrollando muchas herramientas que le ayudan a interactuar con el mundo actual. La comunicación con la escuela es excelente, se percibe la cordialidad y comunicación dentro del equipo con un adecuado liderazgo que me ha permitido estar muy integrada a la escuela y sus actividades. Solo me resta agradecer y felicitar a todo el equipo administrativo y académico por esta agradable experiencia.”

Parent – Elizabeth Lopez Leon – Mexico