Every 6 weeks the school community comes together to celebrate student learning through End of Unit Sharing.

Over the course of an afternoon, each class gives a 20-minute presentation to articulate their learning over the unit of inquiry.  Parents become the students and students become the teachers as work is presented.

Students are challenged to collaboratively and creatively deliver their presentations in various formats.  On a given afternoon a parent may witness the Kindergarten class perform a sock puppet play and then be invited into a working museum in Grade 5,6.  Grade 3,4 may present a professional powerpoint, while Grade 1,2 may lead their audience members on treasure hunt.

End of Unit Sharing is an opportunity for teachers to assess students, for students to develop their presentation and public speaking skills and for parents to observe both their child’s progress and student growth and diversity across the ages/grades.

This is a social event that builds student confidence and brings our community together.