Parent Workshops

ISD parents are given the opportunity to become more familiar with the IBPYP curriculum through interactive workshops. Workshops are conducted by the ISD teaching team.  The topics of the workshops are determined through collaborative discussion with parents. These workshops are an invaluable resource to parents.  They serve to enhance overall understanding of ISD’s educational methods,…

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End of Unit Sharings

Every 6 weeks the school community comes together to celebrate student learning through End of Unit Sharing. Over the course of an afternoon, each class gives a 20-minute presentation to articulate their learning over the unit of inquiry.  Parents become the students and students become the teachers as work is presented. Students are challenged to…

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Exhibition Night

The Exhibition is the culminating event of a primary students’ education. When a child has reached their final year in the Primary Years Programme they are provided the opportunity to lead their own final inquiry project. Over the course of six weeks, exhibition students are challenged to demonstrate the knowledge and skills they have developed…

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Holiday Celebrations

At ISD we are inclusive and promote intercultural understanding and respect.  Throughout the school year we celebrate a variety of holiday celebrations to help our students become internationally minded. Holiday celebrations change annually, they are dependent on our students’ cultures and interests.  We also focus to help students learn about Irish culture in addition to…

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End of Year Concert

At the end of each academic year we hold a school wide concert.  Students work with our music teacher to create performances that represent their learning throughout the year.  From group dances to individual instrumental pieces, the students dazzle the audience!

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International Family Day

Annually we celebrate international family day.  Each student invites their parents to come and enjoy a morning of inquiry based activities.  From hand painted family portraits to tower building challenges, families work together to have fun!

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Sports Day

Every year we host ISD’s annual sports day.   Students take part in a variety of activities to showcase their athletic abilities, skills gained throughout the year and to have fun!  We even encourage parents to get involved in a few friendly competitive games like tug of war and sack races.

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100th Day of School

Each school year we celebrate the 100th day of school.  We centre this day around mathematical concepts that can be taught using the number 100.  From the very first day of school, classes begin keeping track of the number of days they have been in school.  The entire day, students engage in activities are differentiated…

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Peace Proms

Peace Proms is a choral education project for Irish primary schools that gives students Grades 3-6 the opportunity to perform at a concert.  They sing together with a choir of up to 3,000 children and perform with a full symphony orchestra.

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